Amazing years in Reception!!

July 9th, 2015

Throughout my year in Reception I have loved doing the topic Goldilocks.

This is because she got to taste three bowls of porridge and I love porridge!!!

Also I really enjoyed dressing up as little red riding hood. It made me feel like I really was red riding hood.

Not only did I have fun reading the story Goldilocks and the three bears I also really enjoyed red riding.

This is because I think red riding hood has adventure and excitement but at the same time Goldilocks makes us think and imagine of what could happen next.

I will really miss Reception and Miss Robinson but I will always come and see her once in a while. I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU BEING MY FIRST SCHOOL TEACHER Miss Robinson!! 🙂

By: Daniela

Ansh homework

July 9th, 2015

My favourite topic in Reception was the fire engine topic. I liked that topic, because we got to see a Fire Engine. The fire engine was red and it had blue lights on top of it. The lights went ‘Nee-Naw!’ In Year 1, I’m looking forward to the dinosaur topic, because my big brother said that you get to go to a dinosaur museum and see a T-Rex! I really can’t wait for Year 1!

Interesting facts about minibeasts

July 9th, 2015  Tagged ,

Interesting facts about spiders.

Spiders are scary but very fascinating.

Antarctica is the only continent in the world where you can’t find spiders.
The strongest material in the world is considered the silk that Spiders create. Scientists haven’t been able to recreate this design even with all the technology we have today.
The blood of a Spider is light blue in color.
When a Spider is going to make a new web, they roll the old one up first into a ball. Many species will eat it.

The Arts festival song

July 9th, 2015

We have been working very hard to learn the words to ‘Believe’ by Lin Marsh. If you would like to practice the song ready for 9 am Monday morning for the whole school sing along please click the link below.

BOF Reading Challenge……

June 23rd, 2015

What books can you read this weekend?

List of books I read this weekend.

1. We can look after your dog.

2.Horrid Henry Tricks the tooth fairy.

3. Queen’s knickers.

4. On holiday.

5.The snowman.

6. Poppy’s Teddy.

Which was your favourite book?

My favourite book is called ” We honestly can look after your dog”.

I like this book, because

Lola is really very funny.

I also like that Charlie acts like a dog and Lola made him a bed.

It was about animals and the dog called Sizzles.

Also I like the wiggly lines.

Facts about my favourite minibeast

June 23rd, 2015

Facts about spiders:

Spiders can spin webs

Spiders have 8 legs

Spiders can climb

Spiders come in different sizes and colours

There are over 1 million spiders in the world

There are over 1 hundred species of spiders in the world

Some spiders are poisonous and can kill you

Most people are scared of spiders

What is your favourite mini beast?

June 23rd, 2015

My favourite mini beast is a LADYBIRD!!

Facts about ladybirds:

  • In America, they are called lady bugs and in Europe, they are called lady beetles

  • People say that the number of spots on the ladybird’s back tells you how old it is.

  • Ladybirds can be orange yellow or red and they all have black spots on their back.

  • There are 46 different kinds of ladybirds in Britain alone!

Books I read on the weekend

June 12th, 2015  Tagged

I read “Topsy and Tim at the Farm”, “Shop” and “A bunch of balloons this weekend”. My favourite was “Topsy and Tim at the Farm” because they had a lot of animals in the book. I like animals, my favourite animal in the book was the chicks.

The Queen’s Knickers Parade

June 5th, 2015

We have been working hard this week to collaborate to design and make some knickers for The Queen.  The Teachers did a knickers parade to check that they were good enough to put in the Queens knicker chest for her to collect on Monday.



We have been enjoying reading everywhere!

June 5th, 2015

We have had lots of fun this week reading lots of different stories, in many different places.


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